DMX Control Channels

Channel Mode Function
Standard Vector
CH1 CH1 Colour Wheel
CH2 CH2 Shutter, Strobe
CH3 CH3 Dimmer intensity
CH4 CH4 Static gobo wheel
CH5 CH5 Prism
CH6 CH6 Prism Rotation
CH7 CH7 Reserved
CH8 CH8 Reserved
CH9 CH9 Focus
CH10 CH10 Pan
CH11 CH11 Pan Fine
CH12 CH12 Tilt
CH13 CH13 Tilt Fine
CH14 CH17 Pan/Tilt speed /time
CH15 CH19 Colour/Gobo speed
CH16 CH16 Lamp Power/Special functions
CH14 Fine dimmer intensity
CH15 Reserved
CH18 Pan/Tilt macro selection
CH20 Pan/Tilt macro speed


AC Power:AC100-240V
Lamp: LED 150W
Colour temperature: 8,000 K
Average life: 6,000 hrs
Power Supplies: 230V 50/60Hz
Control channel: 2 DMX protocol modes 16/ 20
Display: Blue/white LCD graphic
Color wheel: Interchangeable color wheel with 13 colors+open
Gobo wheel: Interchangeable gobo wheel with 14 gobos + open
Beam angle: 2.7°
• Hight speed shake effect
• 8-facet rotating prism
• Mechanical shutter and adjustable speed strobe effect
• Mechanical dimmer
• Selectable 16 bit pan/tilt movement resolution Pan: 540°; Tilt: 280°
Maximum speed:
• PAN = 2.10 sec
• TILT = 1.20 sec
• PAN = 2.11°
• PAN FINE = 0.008°
• TILT = 0.98°
• TILT FINE =0.004°
IP rating: IP20
Net weight: 11.7kg

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