DMX Control Channels

Channel Mode Function
CH1 CH1 CH1 Pan
CH2 CH2 CH2 Pan Fine
CH3 CH3 CH3 Tilt
CH4 CH4 CH4 Tilt fine
CH5 CH5 CH5 Pan/Tilt speed ,Pan/Tilt time
CH6 CH6 CH6 Color wheel
CH7 CH7 Color wheel -fine positioning
CH7 CH8 CH8 Static gobo wheel
CH9 CH9 Static gobo time
CH8 CH10 Rotating gobo wheel
CH9 CH10 CH11 Rot.gobo indexing and rotation
CH12 Rot.gobo indexing and rotation-fine
CH10 CH11 CH13 Prism
CH11 CH12 CH14 Prism  rotation and indexing
CH12 CH13 CH15 Zoom
CH 16 Zoom -fine
CH13 CH14 CH 17 Focus
CH 18 Focus- fine
CH14 CH15 CH 19 Shutter /strobe
CH15 CH16 CH 20 Dimmer intensity
CH17 CH 21 Dimmer intensity-fine
CH 22 Effect Speed
CH16 CH18 CH 23 Reset
CH 24 Auto Zoom For Prism


AC Power Supplies: 100-240V 50/60Hz
Maximum total power consumption: 400W ,
Lamp: 250W High Power White LED emitters
Color temperature: 8000 K
Minimum LED lifetime: > 60 000 hrs
Control channels: 3 DMX protocol modes 16/18/ 24
3user editable programs, each up to 100 steps
Color wheel: 2color wheel,18 colors+white
Static Gobo wheel: 8 metal gobos + white
Rotating gobo wheel: 7 replaceable glass gobos can be indexed and rotated in both directions at different speeds
Prisms: 3 facet circular prism with continuous rotation in both directions
Zoom: linear motorized zoom,zoom angle 10°~ 30°
Focus: Remotely controllable motorized focus
Pan/Tilt movement: Pan: 540, Tilt: 270
Control resolution: 8-bit, with 16-bit control of pan & tilt
Resolution: PAN=2.11°, PAN FINE=0.008°, TILT=0.98°, TILT
Pan/Tilt used 3-Phase 1.2°
Motors: 10 high quality stepping-motors controlled by microprocessors
Strobe: Strobe effect with variable speed (0.3 - 20Hz),Random strobe
pulse-effect with variable speed
Dimmer: Smooth dimmer from 0%-100%
Display: Blue/White LCD graphic
Color: Black
Housing: High-impact flame-retardant thermoplastic
IP rating: IP 20
Net weight: 18 kg
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