DMX Control Channels

Channel Mode Function
Standard Vector
CH1 CH1 Cyan Color Wheel
CH2 CH2 Magenta Color Wheel
CH 3 CH 3 Yellow Color Wheel
CH 4 CH 4 Color 1
CH 5 CH 5 Color 2
CH 6 CH 6 Color 3
CH 7 CH 7 Stopper/Strobe
CH 8 CH 8 Dimmer
CH 9 CH 9 Dimmer fine
CH 10 CH 10 Static Gobo Change
CH 11 CH 11 Rotating Gobo Select
CH 12 CH 12 Gobo Rotation
CH 13 CH 13 Fine gobo rotation
CH 14 CH 14 Prism insertion
CH 15 CH 15 Prism Rotation
CH 16 CH 16 Frost
CH 17 CH 17 Focus
CH 18 CH 18 Pan
CH 19 CH 19 Fine Pan
CH 20 CH 20 Tilt
CH 21 CH 21 Fine Tilt
CH 22 CH 22 Function
CH 23 CH 23 Reset
CH 24 CH 24 Lamp control
CH 25 Pan- Tilt Time
CH 26 Color Time
CH 27 Beam time
CH 28 Gobo time


Power supplies:115/230v 50/60 Hz
Input power:700VA at 230V 50Hz
Total lumen output:Max 24,000 lumens
Light source:440W discharge lamp
• Color Temperature: 7,500K
• Life: >1000hrs
• Luminous flux: 24,000 lm
• Channels:24/28control channels.
Inputs:DMX 512
Noise level:50 dBA
Color system
• CMY color system based on 3 gradually fading color wheels
• 11 color filters on three wheels
• 2 CTO filters (3,200K and 2,500K)+1
CTB filter.
170mm diam. Front lens;0-4°Electronic Zoom; Electronic Focusing
15 stepper motors, operating with microsteps, totally microprocessor controlled.
Safety devices
• Bipolar circuit breaker with thermal protection.
• Automatic break in power supply in case of overheating or failed operation of cooling system.
Cooling:Forced ventilation with fans.
• Aluminium structure with plastic cover.
• Two side handles for transportation.
• Device locking PAN and TILT mecha
Working position:
•Any working position
•Hanging system: with fast-lock omega clamps
(1/4turn) on the base.
Effect section
•2 gobo wheels
• Wheel with 7HQ dichroic, indexable and interchangeable rotating gobos.
•Interchangeable and variable rotation wheel with 18+1 fixed mental gobos(including 6 beam reducers).
•Selectable gobos-shake function
•Interchangeable 8-facet prism
•Frost unit to soften the beam edge
•0-100% Mechanical dimmer
•Mechanical shutter and adjustable speed strobe effect
Control and programming
• 24/28 DMX512 control channels
• DMX protocol signal: USITT DMX512
• Display:Grarhic LCD backlit b/w Display
• Pan/Tilt Resolution: 16bit
• Gobo Indexing Resolution: 16bit
• Focus Indexing Resolution: 8bit
• Dimmer Resolution: 16bit
• Movement control: Vectorial
• DMX signal connection: 5 pole XLR input and output
• Software upload through DMX input
• Long life self-charging buffer battery;Pre-set macros.
• Function reset from control unit
• ON/OFF lamp control from the lighting desk.
• Function reset from the lighting desk.
• AUTOTEST”function from menu
• Electronic monitoring with status error
• Cooling system monitoring on all channels
• Internet data transmission diagnostics
• Firmware Upgrade with no power
• Firmware upload from another fixture
IP rating:IP 20
Net weight:28.73 kg

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